SlimeCredit: The Bigwig of payroll

Automated compensation, remittance, wage and payroll system. SlimeCredit helps individuals and businesses automatically disburse funds as instructed; daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly and quaterly.

Feature 01

Multiple payout options

Offering a variety of payout options, employees can choose the preffered method to receive their compensation. Ranging from local bank account, paypal, payoneer and transferwise.

Feature 02

Detailed transaction reports

Removing errors due to human report inputs and unforseen delays by deploying this service that sends comprehensive transaction receipts to the employers dashboard and email.

Feature 03

Strict authentication feature

To keep things running automatically will not sit right with every employer, with this feature you authorize your outgoing payments on the due dates thanks to our subtle notifications.

Feature 04

Funds protection

To protect the employer and keep the deposited funds safe, single bulk withdrawals cannot be initiated to third party accounts. That is, only the employer can withdraw the bulk sum in one transaction.

Feature 05

Custom dashboards

Our dashboard experience gives full control to employers and relative access to employees. Features ranging from but not limited to leave request, salary advance, employee time track and emergency tab.

Feature 06

Rapid bulk payments

At the click of a button or automated, all your beneficiaries get their allocated compensation at the same time, same day, as instructed. Your SC account is funded on request or automatically, your choice.

SC for business

Let SlimeCredit aid your HR in employee data management and automated payment processing including adequate calculation of local and international remote staff hourly rate and tax renumerations.

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  • Detailed transaction reports
  • Auto tax calculation and payment
  • Elaborate employee dashboard
  • Automated HR processes

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